​​​​​​​System performance is as good as the interplay between its components. All internal components must interplay well within a device. The device is also part of the system comprised by supplier, production, company goals and customer whishes.
I support you with the development of device components and devices as system. Doing so I always keep an eye on the next larger system.
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High frame rate, maximal number of pixels and high bit depth are powerful key words. Optimization for data rate is often necessary when standard interfaces, available computational power and their cost are considered.

Accuracy and speed of an edge detection

The precision of an edge detection depends on the number of pixels used to sample the edge. The maximum frame rate depends on the throughput of the optics. The final accuracy depends on factors like the residual error of distortion correction.

Development-TEAM, People

A respectful, constructive and direct communication is what I try to keep up with.

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The quality of calculations depends on the underlying data and the manufacturing processes depend on the quality of production metrology.
I support the development and application of optical measuring equipment and the evaluation of the right measurement service provider, including test planning and verification of the Results.
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Measurement of optical properties

The scattering properties of a volume-scatterer can be modeled in a simulation software using specific Gegenbauer parameters. In this example I evaluated a measurement supplier to determine the Gegenbauer parameters that were used later for simulation. It was not possible to use better documented materials for systems relevant reasons of higher importance.

Initial sample testing

To independently verify the geometry of molded optics independent measurement suppliers were evaluated. The measurement results were reviewed, imported into the simulation software to evaluate the impact of manufacturing errors.

Subsystem Measurement

The combined contrast transfer function of objective and CMOS sensor was calculated and measured according to ISO 12233.

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Design & Analysis

The design of imaging optics and lighting optics are just as much a part of my skills as the analysis of existing optical systems.
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Shift sensor

Illustrative image of a design study of a sensor to measure the shift of a hydrological cylinder with laser engraved grating on its surface.

Statistical tolerance analysis

Statistical evaluation of an existing optics design. The data were used as base for later performance estimations of the entire system. The calculations include temperature dependent properties of the sensor.

Stray light analysis

Elimination of these reflections off prism side walls with minimal impact on imaging quality (Vignetting).